Episode #35 – The Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula

by Sam on February 15, 2016

Welcome amazing teachers to the 35th episode of the Amazing Teacher Podcast.

In this episode, I share what I call, The Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula.

You can find more details on the Formula at SuccessInTheClassroom.com, where I take the different parts of the formula, and write a post for each.

In the podcast, I share how success in the classroom begins with setting a goal. What happens, however, is that the goals we create are often times never reached for one reason or another. We either get distracted or discouraged, and we end up never reaching our true success.

That is where the Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula can help. I’ve read a lot of books about goal setting, and I’ve taken the best elements of some of them, and I modified them to fit our needs in education.

Amazing teachers set amazing goals.


I believe that once you learn how to make goals using this formula, you will never set goals the same again.

Using this formula has allowed me to reach some goals that have always seemed out of reach for me, and I had to share it with my audience.

I know you will find this podcast valuable.

I would love to hear what you think about it.

Also mentioned in the podcast:

Brad Currie’s book – All Hands on Deck

Until next time…

Be amazing!

Thank you,



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