Episode #39 – Nailing the Teacher Interview – Part 2

by Sam on September 11, 2016

Hello amazing teachers,

I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when my former student – and former student teacher – Eva, contacted me to ask me if I would have a mock interview with her. She is planning on applying for a position in our district, and she wanted some practice.

This is the second part of that interview.

In this episode, we conduct the mock interview. I ask her some questions that she will most likely get from the interview panel.



If you would like to hear the Skype session in its entirety, you can download the full conversation here.

You can also purchase my book, How to Nail the Teacher Interview from Amazon.com where I share some insights on what school administrators are looking for in a new teacher.

Thank you again,

Until next time…

Be amazing!


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