Episode #42 – Teach Happier Strategy #3 – 21 Days of Gratitude

by Sam on May 29, 2017

Hello amazing teachers,

In this episode, I’m doing something different. I’m actually going to read from my new book, Teach Happier – 21 stress-reducing, joy-inspiring, burnout-avoiding strategies to help teachers love their jobs and have more success in the classroom.

I’ll be reading from the Introduction along with the 3rd Teach Happier strategy – 21 Days of Gratitude.IMG_0240

I share what I’ve learned about how our brains work, and how it is naturally inclined to look for the negative. With some training, however, we can learn new habits that keep our focus on the positive, leading us to be better teachers.

I also talk about the power of gratitude. Gratitude is what balances out our negativity bias, and will allow us to have more good days.

Thank you for taking a listen.

Find my book on Amazon.

Be amazing!



I mention Caroline Webb’s book, How to Have a Good Day  and The Happiness Track by Emma Seppala in this episode. Check these books out!

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