Episode #45 – Teach Happier Strategies #9, #10, and #11 – The Grateful Welcome, Smile, and The Starving Child

by Sam on October 21, 2017

Hello amazing teachers,

In this episode of the Amazing Teacher Podcast, I share three more strategies from my book, Teach Happier: 21 stress-reducing, joy-inspiring, burnout-avoiding strategies to help teachers love their jobs and have more success in the classroom.the-amazing-teacher-com-45

The three strategies in this episode are:

Teach Happier Strategy #9: The Grateful Welcome

Teach Happier Strategy #10: Smile

and Teach Happier Strategy #11: The Starving Child

I also recommend a couple of amazing books that I believe will help teachers be more inspired and teach happier.

Solve for Happy – Engineer Your Path to Joy – Mo Gawdat

Find the Fire – Ignite your Inspiration an Make Work Exciting Again – Scott Mautz


Until next time,

Be Amazing!



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