Episode #47 – Three Go-Home-Happy Strategies for When You’ve had a Bad Day

by Sam on March 11, 2018

Hello amazing teachers,

In this episode, I share three go-home-happy strategies for when you’ve had a bad day.

Have you had a bad day recently?go-home-happy-300x300

Did you go home frustrated, stressed, angry?

Did you tell your spouse or significant other all about it in order to “get it off your chest?”

I used to do this all the time, and now I regret it. My wife didn’t deserve to have her day ruined by my bad day.

Here she was having a good day, and all of a sudden I get home, and I share all the bad stuff that happened to me, and now we are both upset.

That’s not fair.

In this podcast, I share what I’ve learned to do on those days, so I can go home happy.


I also share about my new course on Udemy – How to Nail the Teacher Interview.  I give you a coupon code that allows you to enroll for free. It’s a limited time offer, so get yours soon.

I also  share my book recommendation: Big Potential by Shawn Achor.



Until next time,

Be amazing!


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