Amazing Teacher – Robin Dubiel

by Sam on January 13, 2014

This week, my guest is Robin Dubiel from Learning Past June. Robin Dubiel on the Amazing Teacher Podcast

Robin is an instructional coach in a school up in Canada, which made this podcast officially international. : )

I had such a great conversation with Robin.

She encourages teachers to keep learning and to collaborate. She reminds us also to not only keep self-reflecting, but to take action.
“Baby steps is still action.”

Building relationships is also very important, according to Robin. “Relationships aren’t easy, but they’re typically worth it.”

Robin’s bright personality and insightful advice made this podcast so amazing. I know that you will find what she shares in the interview to be exactly what new teachers need to be amazing in the classroom.

Thank you again for spreading the word about The Amazing Teacher Podcast.


Find Robin:

Website: Learning Past June

Twitter: @RobinDubiel

Pinterest: Robin Dubiel

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