Amazing Teacher – Ben Kuhlman – The Power of Twitter

by Sam on June 4, 2014

In this episode of the Amazing Teacher Podcast, I sit down with Ben Kuhlman. Ben has a website called, Writing Teaching and Teaching Writing.

Reading his blog posts, I was particularly impressed with his knowledge of Twitter.Ben Kuhlman on the Amazing Teacher Podcast

I have come to learn that if a teacher wants to be amazing in the classroom, he/she needs to connect with successful teachers and learn from them. Twitter allows teachers to do just that.

I asked Ben to share his expertise in this area, and I learned a lot. I know you will as well.

Ben also shares his insights on the qualities of amazing teachers as well as his tips on classroom management.

“Effective instruction is part of classroom management. You can make them quiet and get them to listen, but then if you have nothing to say, you’ve managed the classroom into boredom.”

I had a great time picking Ben’s brain on the podcast. I know you will find his advice valuable and practical.

Thank you again for spreading the word about the podcast.

Until next time,

Be Amazing!



Find Ben:


Twitter: @bkuhl2you

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Josh Stumpenhorst @stumpteacher


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