Amazing Teacher – Tammy Tweten – Using Chrome Books in the Classroom

by Sam on May 1, 2014

This week’s guest is Tammy Tweten, from Ed Tech Nerdo. Tammy Tweten on the Amazing Teacher Podcast

In this episode, I have a great time speaking with Tammy about technology and how she is using it in the classroom. I was very impressed with how she has incorporated Chromebooks in her lessons. I have seen how iPads have been utilized in classrooms, but Tammy shares how she was able to acquire 30 Chromebooks for her students and how she is using them in her classroom.

I found it fascinating.

Tammy also shares her what she learned while attending the CUE conference. Her biggest take away was the power of Twitter.

Tammy shares that there are three things that come to mind when describing the characteristics of amazing teachers:

1. They have a passion for learning.

2. They love working with kids.

3. They have the ability to take criticism and learn from their mistakes.

Her advice to new teachers is, “Don’t stop learning.”

Although the recording has a few glitches, I know you will find what Tammy shares very informative and inspiring.

I know I did.

Thank you again for spreading the word about the podcast.

Until next time,

Be Amazing!



Find Tammy:

Website: Ed Tech Nerdo

Twitter: @tammy_tweten

 Pinterest: Edtechnerdo

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