Amazing Teacher – Jeff Shoemaker – Reaching Gifted Students

by Sam on April 7, 2014

This week, my guest is Jeff Shoemaker, known online as the Gifted TeacherJeff Shoemaker on the Amazing Teacher Podcast

He has an amazing blog where he shares some insights on teaching students who are identified as “Gifted.”

What is a gifted student?

What characteristics are common in gifted students?

How do you best engage gifted students?

These are all questions that Jeff answers on the podcast.

Jeff also shares his insights in what makes teachers amazing. He shares on the podcast that amazing teachers are passionate. The love what they do.

Jeff states that amazing teachers have the ability to inspire students to go beyond what they believe they can do.

I had a great time picking speaking with Jeff.

He is a great resource for teachers who are looking for ways to better meet the needs of not only gifted students, but all students.

Make sure you check out his blog for more amazing tips.

As always, thank you again for spreading the word about the podcast.

Until next time…

Be Amazing!





Find Jeff:

Website: Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher

Twitter: @jeff_shoemaker

Mentioned on the podcast:



Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students by Todd Stanley

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