Amazing Teacher – Krissy Venosdale

by Sam on December 9, 2013

This week, I sat down with Krissy Venosdale from

It was a great interview, and although we had some technical issues, Krissy was so patient and understanding and amazing.

Krissy offers some great advice on how to set the tone for learning. “If you’re excited, the kids will be excited.”Krissy Venosdale on the Amazing Teacher Podcast

She also encourages new teachers to be “learners” along with their students. “You don’t have to be the expert. Just be a facilitator of learning with your students.”

Her other piece of advice for teachers is to focus on the learning, and not so much on controlling everything. Teachers should empower students to control themselves, which she admits might not be easy, but it “ends up being a kind of controlled chaos where the kids are responsible for their own learning.”

What I appreciated most about the interview was the information that Krissy shared about teaching students who are on the Autism spectrum. I learned on her blog that her daughter is on the spectrum, and Krissy provides us with some amazing insights in this area.

Her first piece of advice is to partner with the parents of the students, because “the parents have the key to understanding them.”

She also encourages teachers to be open to asking for help from other teachers. “Don’t be afraid to try and reach out and try and learn from them.”

Krissy Venosdale is an amazing teacher, and it was a sincere pleasure getting to speak with her.

I know you will also find her insights to be very valuable.

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