The Amazing Teacher Podcast – Jeff Charbonneau – 2013 National Teacher of the Year

by Sam on February 17, 2014

“Welcome back to another day in paradise.”2013 National Teacher of the Year Jeff Charbonneau on the Amazing Teacher Podcast

This week my guest is 2013 National Teacher of the Year – Jeff Charbonneau.
On the podcast, Jeff shares that he begins each class by saying, “Welcome back to another day in paradise.”

What a great way to prepare the students for what’s going to happen in the classroom.

I had such an awesome time talking with Jeff about education and being amazing in the classroom.

Jeff encourages us to use our influence as teachers to change the perception of education through sharing positive comments and telling people about the good that is happening in our classrooms.

“If just each of the 3.3 million public education teachers went to the grocery store tonight and told one person one good thing that happened at school today, what would happen to the perception of public education? That would be pretty darn powerful. I think that you get the most motivation, you get the most movement for improvement out of positive comments and positive reactions.”

Jeff emphasizes the importance of building positive relationships with students. He shares that building relationships is even more important than the content that we cover as teachers.

One of Jeff’s most amazing pieces of advice has to do with apologies and asking students for help. He feels that he can think of no better recipe for success.

I know you will find great value from what Jeff has to share in this episode.

Thank you for continuing to spread the word about the podcast.

Be Amazing!




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