Amazing Teacher – Nicholas Provenzano

by Sam on November 11, 2013

This week, I sat down with Nick Provenzano, the Nerdy Teacher, who has been nominated and won several awards for his blog at Nicholas Provenzano on the Amazing Teacher Podcast

He was so gracious to stay up late on a school night to speak with me over Skype, and he has so much to offer new teachers.

He is a leader in educational technology, so I had to pick his brain on using the Evernote App. He actually is an Evernote Ambassador in Education, so in part of the interview, I pick his brain about this really useful app.

When asked what are common qualities among amazing teachers, he responded by saying, “Amazing teachers are passionate about teaching. They love being with kids and making a difference in their lives.”

“Amazing teachers also listen to their students.”

Nick shares with us how it is so important to just listen to kids. It can be the most important thing that a teacher can do for a student, because there might no be anybody else who will.

Nick also shares some great advice for new teachers about “Being You.” I found a video on his blog where he talks about this, and I had to ask him to elaborate. Here’s the link to the video.

He also shares about the 20 Time Project where he has his students blogging about a project that they are passionate about. In the podcast, I ask the listeners to head on over to his blog and add a comment on the student blogs. I know his students will appreciate the love, so if you would please take a few minutes before or after listening to the podcast and leave a comment on one of these blogs, it would mean a lot to his kids. Click here.

I had a great time speaking with Nick.

I know you will find great value in what he has to share on the podcast.


Find Nick at:

Twitter: @TheNerdyTeacher

Check out Nick’s book: The Complete Guide to Evernote in Education.







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