Amazing Teacher – Pernille Ripp

by Sam on November 1, 2013

Listen to the Podcast Here!

I had such a great time interviewing Amazing Teacher, Pernille Ripp.

Pernille, as I discovered,  is the creator and founder of the Global Read Aloud which is connecting students and teacher around the world through reading. I found this simply amazing!Pernille Rip Quote

Her love for her kids and her commitment to give them a voice in her classroom is inspiring.

Her blog, Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension, is a great resource for all teachers who are looking to be amazing in the classroom.

It was a sincere pleasure to spend time with Pernille, picking her brain for ideas and strategies that I know you will find extremely valuable. I came away inspired. I know you will too.

Find Pernille at:

Twitter: @pernilleripp

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